Sunday, January 8, 2012

Did Salman Khan apologise to Shakti Kapoor in private?

Shakti Kapoor was asked to stay away from the sets of Bigg Boss 5 on the finale for talking ill about Salman Khan after being evicted from the show

But a li’l birdie now tells us that Shakti, in fact, will be performing with the 12 women who began Bigg Boss 5 with him at the finale. So what changed? Well, there are two possibilities, maybe Salman decided to be the better man and apologised as Shakti had demanded.

Yaah right! And we all know the possibility of that ever happening is next to nil. So the other probable reason is that the channel made peace with Shakti and asked him to make an appearance.

But our over imaginative brain also suggests that maybe Shakti realised that his tantrums will not be paid any heed here so he apologised and requested Salman to let him make an appearance.

Well, let the real reason be anything, the story still remains that Shakti will surely make an appearance on the finale and will indeed shake-a-leg with 12 beautiful women!

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