Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SRK-Gauri-PC war heats up

So we all know this little story doing the rounds in the media - the so called SRK - PC affair! For a while, things seemed quite but the recent articles again are discussing the Shahrukh, Priyanka & Gauri story!

And this time media has written "The Chopra girl has apparently accused Gauri Khan's good friend Neelam Kothari for spreading the rumours"

Neelam was recently accused of trying to cause a rift between Shahrukh Khan, and his wife Gauri Khan and this news has not gone well at all with Neelam since Gauri and Shahrukh are very dear to her. The gossips that revolved around were so much that SRK even started having fights with her wife Gauri Khan and perhaps this was a reason why Gauri Khan didn’t invite Priyanka Chopra on their New Year’s Eve party bash

Neelam's response to the rumors:

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