Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Lindsay Lohan's nude pics are a hoax'

Lindsay Lohan’s rep is saying that photographer Harvey Edwards is playing a hoax on the media claiming he took nude photos of the movie star five years ago.

The photos shown here feature a naked woman — that he claims is Lindsay — from the back on a motorcycle. But now on the eve of real nude Playboy pictures being released, Lindsay’s rep Steve Honig is telling RumorFix Harvey’s photos “are not of Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay never posed for him, nor met him.”

When RumorFix originally spoke to Harvey, he said the photos were taken five years ago — and Dina Lohan was also present for the shoot. But on Sunday Harvey was unavailable to respond to the accusations. “It’s unfortunate and somewhat alarming that he is now pretending he  did a photo shoot with her,” Honig says.

Honig goes on to say, “For a period of approximately two months, Mr. Edwards incessantly contacted me by phone and emailed insisting he knew Lindsay and asking if she would pose for him. It became apparent Mr. Edwards had a very unhealthy fixation on Lindsay and he was instructed not to contact us anymore. After approximately three such warnings, he finally stopped calling.”

And Dina Lohan tells RumorFix, “I never spoke a word to him.”


  1. I'm writing this to set the record straight. Contrary to what Steve Hoing said I have not contacted him or even attempted to contact him in the past two months. Further my communication with him was kept at a minimum of 3 or 4 times. Your article is misleading and totally fictitious. The fact that you said in your article I had a fixation with Lindsay Lohan is so far from the truth. I do believe she needs HELP and I would not want to personally have anything to do with her. You need to correct what is false, deceiving and misleading. You are supposed to tell the truth please do so. That is what you are supposed to be known for. I'm asking you, politely, to correct these wrongs before this gets out of hand. Questions call me 860-821-8288. Thank you, Harvey Edwards

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